A boyfriend your
family can believe in.

Are you dating someone? Invisible Boyfriend gives you an answer - along with believeable virtual and real world proof - so you can get back to living life on your own terms.

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How it works


Choose a plan

Each of our plans helps you create a believable Invisible Boyfriend and includes a mix of virtual and real-world relationship "proof."


Pick a Boyfriend

After selecting your Invisible Boyfriend from our extensive library, you'll customize his personality and specify how the two of you will interact.


Live your life

Once you've met your Invisible Boyfriend, you can get back to living your life on your own terms, and not on others'.


Just Talking

Interactive SMS Texts
Automated Phone Calls
Emergency Interaction Button
Simple Gifts Available

Getting Serious

"Just Talking" Benefits Included
Facebook Relationship on Profile
Real Voicemails
Random Gifts and Notes
Premium Gifts Available

Almost Engaged

"Getting Serious" Benefits Included
Custom Boyfriend Characterization
Create Your Own Story
Live Phone Calls
Meet Your Invisible Boyfriend Soon!